At DI;PH Studios we are dedicated to making your project or event sound its best!

From pre-production to post-production, we will help your music achieve its full potential in any setting.

To book DI;PH Studios, email Grant or Call 360-969-0052



Planning is vital for a successful project.

For Multi-track recordings, pre-production services will be provided free of charge.

For all other services, if required, pre-production will be a flat-fee of $25.


For bands on a budget we're happy to offer affordable lock-out rates and spec options -- just contact us!.

Multitrack Recording (In Studio)


Multitrack Recording (On Location) $40/hr + Travel Expenses
Mixing $35/hr
Live Sound/DJ
Live Sound Engineering, equipment provided by client $20/hr
Live Sound Engineering, equipment provided by DI;PH $30/hr
DJ: Wedding or event, no rehearsal $500
DJ: Wedding or event, with rehearsal $600
Editing/Audio Cleanup $30/hr
Mastering $25/hr
CD Duplication

2 copies free w/ MT project

$1 ea. additional, $15/hr

Multitrack Masters available on Blu-ray or customer provided disk drive upon request


Mixer/Control Interfaces

Mackie Onyx 1640

Groove Tubes "The Brick" Mic Preamp

Mackie MCU Pro Control Interface

Akai APC40 Ableton Live Control Interface

Digital Audio Interfaces

Mackie Onyx 1640 Firewire Expansion

Mackie Onyx Satellite Firewire

Presonus FP10 Firewire Interface

M-Box Micro

Mackie MCU Pro Control Interface

Using Mackie 1640 & Presonus FP10 together, able to record 24 tracks at DVD quality simultaneously


[lj60xr: Macbook Pro] 15" 2.1GHz Dual-Core, 2GB SDRAM

[Blackbox: recording computer] Rack-Mounted Custom 2.6GHz Intel Core2 Duo, 4GB RAM OS X 10.6.4

[C5: mixing/editing computer] Custom Full-size Tower, 2.8GHz Intel i7 Quad-Core, 6GB RAM OS X 10.6.4

Approximately 4TB ready on site for recording.

300GB External Firewire HDD

1TB External Firewire/ESATA HDD

Shure SM57 x5 AKG Perception 400
Shure SM58 x1 Rode NT5 x2
Shure Beta52 x2 Nady CM88 x2
Sennheiser e609 x4 MXL 661 x1
Nady SP9 x6 MXL 990 x1
Shure Beta57 x2 MXL 2001 x1

Crown XLS602 x2

Peavey Classic 30

Ampeg B1RE Bass Head

Presonus HP60 6ch Headphone Distribution Amp

Behringer 4ch Headphone Distribution Amp


Live Sound Reinforcement

JBL JRX115 x2

Tapco 18" Subwoofers x2

Peavey 12M Floor Monitors x2

Yamaha AFM12 Floor Monitors x2

Studio Monitors

JBL LSR4328 x2

Edirol MA-10D


Gibson Les Paul BFG

Yamaha MO6 Music Production Synthsizer

Oscar Schmidt OE-30 Semi-Hollowbody Guitar

Set of Sabian Cymbals

Yamaha 12" Stage Custom Birch Snare

Vintage Steel 14" Pearl Snare

Outboard Gear

DBX 266XL Compressor/Limiter

DOD 231 2-Channel Third-Octave EQ

Behringer DEQ1024 Third-Octave EQ

Peavey 2-Channel Compressor/Limiter/Expander

Behringer MDX 4600 4-Channel Compressor/Limiter/Expander

Peavey DeltaFex DSP

Korg KAOSS Pad


Pro-Tools 7.4.2 including a number of useful plugins

Ardour 2.8.11 Open-Source Multitrack

Ableton Live 8.1



DI;PH is:

J. Grant Boling; Owner, Engineer, Producer.

AAA in Audio Production, The Art Institute of Seattle 1997; While at AIS, was Audio Cage Assistant and Audio Qualification Exam Proctor.

More than fifteen years experience as an engineer

House Engineer, Jazzbones Oak Harbor

Sound Mixer Alistair Maclean: Y'did Nefesh ; Boom Operator, The Last to Remember.

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed The Archives eponymous Album.

20+ years Clarinet, 15+ years Guitar, 10+ years Keyboards; also play Drums, Saxophone, and sing.

Grant is available to perform on your recording!